Peoria Tri-County Mileage:

(As of 6/11/2010 @ 12:00:00 AM)
326 388

Engage in other activities that promote fitness?
Convert them to walking miles:


1. If you bike 5 miles on a road or paved trail, add 1.5 miles (5 x 0.3) to your daily total

2. If you do vigorous aerobics for 1 hour, add 3.0 miles (1 x 3.0) to your daily total.

Type of Exercise Miles/Hours Multiply by
Aerobic Dancing Hours 3.0
Water Aerobics Hours 1.5
Biking on rigorous terrain Miles 1.5
Biking on road or paved trail Miles 0.3
Canoeing/kayaking (moderate) Hours 2
Canoeing/kayaking (vigorous) Hours 3.5
Hiking (5% grade) Miles 2
Rollerblading Miles 0.5
Running Miles 1.5
Swimming Miles 3

If you are working out on an elliptical machine, playing tennis, golfing, mowing and most other two-legged exercise endeavors, just wear your pedometer for a one-to-one correlation.

2000 steps = 1 mile (Estimate - per average stride length)

Reference: Some conversions courtesy of "Walk the Four Seasons" by Robert Sweetgall